A to Z General Full Forms List - The Complete Updated List (2019)
A to Z General Full Forms List - The Complete Updated List (2019)

ICSE: Indian Secondary Education Certificate

The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) is an examination conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination. It is a private, non-government school board in India for 10th grade. It is designed to fulfill the recommendation of the new Education Policy 1986. Following this, the demand for ICSE affiliated schools is growing. Examination procedure in ICSE is English. Only regular students of ICSE affiliated colleges are allowed to attend this examination. Private students are not allowed to take this exam.

Issues in ICSE:

The items submitted by the ICSE can be divided into three groups:

Group 1: Mandatory things
English, History, Citizenship and Geography and Indian Language.

Group 2: Any two subjects can be selected from the following subjects
Mathematics, science, ecology, agronomy, computer science, commercial studies, technical painting, economics, modern foreign language, scientific language.

Group 3: You can choose any of the following subjects
Computer Applications, Economic Applications, Commercial Applications, Home Science, Art, Performing Arts, Cookery, Fashion Designing, Physical Education, Yoga, Technical Drawing Applications.

Group 1 and Group 2 had 20% weightage for internal assessment and 50% weightage in Group 3.

Benefits of ICSE Board:
It focuses on the overall development of the child.
Its curriculum gives equal importance to all subjects.
This provides the flexibility of selecting specific topics.
It emphasizes a detailed study of each subject with an edge in English.
This is accepted by most schools and colleges in the world.
The ICSE syllabus is well structured and compressed. Its mission is to provide students with analytical skills, problem solving skills and practical knowledge.

Difference between CBSE and ICSE:

1) CBSE is older than ICSE, so most schools follow its syllabus method.
It is more popular than ICSE.
Since ICSE is relatively new, fever schools adopt its curriculum.
It is no less popular than CBSE.
2) The syllabus of CBSE is short and compact. The ICSE syllabus is very wide and long.
3) CBSE Board will be more relevant for Medical and Engineering Examinations. Its main focus is on mathematics and science. Does ICSE have a more balanced curriculum and work for children? Total development. This is more relevant to the management profession.
4) CBSE has a large number of scholarship and talent search tests. The ICSE is new, so it has fever scholarships and talent search tests.


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