A to Z General Full Forms List - The Complete Updated List (2019)
A to Z General Full Forms List - The Complete Updated List (2019)

What is the full form of CID

CID: Crime Investigation Department

The purpose of the CID is the Criminal Investigation Department. It is the State Police Investigation and Intelligence Department. It is one of the most important units of the police organization and is headed by the Additional Director General of Police (ADGP). It is headquartered in Pune and is investigating specific cases assigned by the government. Of India and DGP (Director General of Police). It was established by the British Government in 1902 on the recommendation of the Police Commission to maintain peace and order in the country. The section is for officers who usually work in plain clothes. These officers are called detectives or CID officers.

In 1929, the division was divided into Special Branch, CID and Crime Branch CID (CB-CID).

CID full form

CID has several branches:

Anti-Narcotics Cell
Counterterrorism Wing
Human trafficking and missing person sales
Finger Print Bureau
Bank fraud
Dog Squad
Department of Human Rights
Rank of officers in CID:

Sub Inspector
Additional Director General of Police
Inspector-General of Police (IGP), etc.
CID officers usually use the word “detective” before their rank.

That’s what Sid does
The main function of the CID is to investigate criminal cases such as rape, murder, theft and robbery. It collects the facts, captures the evidence of criminal cases and frauds, and delivers the culprits with evidence in court. Depending on the level of crime, these investigations take place in many cities and states. The CID team also takes the help of local police to investigate cases.

Eligibility criteria for becoming a CID officer

Candidate must be a citizen of India and the candidate must be a graduate from a recognized university to join the minimum qualification CID as a sub-inspector or officer. However, the minimum qualification required to join the CID as a constable is a 12th or higher secondary certificate. Being a CID officer is not enough to qualify. You must clear the Indian Civil Service Examination conducted by the Union Service Commission every year.

There are many universities offering undergraduate degree criminology courses in India. These courses will help you enroll in CID.

The CBI holds various positions or positions.

In addition, the candidate must have excellent memory, sharp eyes, good judgment of character, and the ability to work alone in the team. These are the basic requirements of this job.


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