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What is the full form of CEO – Qualification to become a CEO – Responsibilities of CEO



A to Z General Full Forms List - The Complete Updated List (2019)

CEO: Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer is the most senior corporate officer or manager in any organization that looks after the entire management and administration.

The CEO of a corporation or company reports directly to the Chairman or the Board of Directors. He is responsible for implementing policies and making changes to motivate employees. To become a CEO requires a lot of hard work, experience and business networking.
The president or board of directors of the company has a lot of responsibility for the CEO.

CEO full form

Some of the responsibilities of the CEO are:

Makes big corporate decisions
Creates a healthy work environment
The company motivates employees
Changes in policies and strategy
Ignores all the functions of the company
Delegates responsibilities to its subordinates
Fundraising planning and implementation
Assists in the selection of board members
Consider the production, marketing, promotion, distribution and quality of products and services
Recommends annual budget and manages the company’s resources wisely
The products or services of the company are considered in line with the vision and mission of the company.
Note: In some companies, the same position of CEO is called MD (Managing Director) or ED (Executive Director). In particular, MD is used in British English and CEO in American English. Both can be mentioned as synonyms.

Educational qualification to become CEO:

There is no specific educational qualification to become the CEO of a company. It is a top position and is appointed by the Board of Directors of a company; But most CEOs have an MDA or technical degree.

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