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Hey, what’s up Guys This is Ahmad Yasir Arfat, Founder and C.E.O of AA Digital Space.
Ahmad Yasir Arfat also known as Yasir, @itsmryasir who runs a Tech YouTube Channel,
and this is the Official Website Of AA Digital Space.
In this website, ur Knowledge Points. we share All Full Forms, related to Educational Full Forms, Defence Full Forms, Organisation Full Forms, Medical Full Forms, Exam Full Forms and Much More…
We actually write a post in Indian Language Hindi and English and Some posts in Hinglish which is Hindi+English Mixed.
I spend most of my free time creating content for my Officials YouTube Channel and this Website and my other Website.
I started my YouTube channel at age 21 and my goal was to teach people what they can do with their gadgets.
I gained a substantial amount of subscribers and viewers.
Honestly, at the end of the day, it’s my audience who really inspire me.
They are the ones watching my content and giving me feedback.
without them, there would be no point in doing YouTube and website. basically aims at spreading the knowledge outside YouTube through brief and theoretical posts, screenshots, images and useful links for the readers. This is a platform where you can learn all about the Tech World.
Besides doing YouTube, I’m also a B.A Economics Student.
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If you ever have any questions or comments feel free to contact me.
Patna Bihar, India
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