A to Z General Full Forms List - The Complete Updated List (2019)
A to Z General Full Forms List - The Complete Updated List (2019)

Full Form: Complete List Here you can find complete form list in various categories. These lists include full forms of various categories such as Banking, Educational, IT, Technology, Medical, Internet and General categories. To get the full knowledge, click on the link given below for abbreviation.

01 Abbreviations used when chatting

In our daily life you are interacting with your friends, colleagues and family, we often use very short words.
Here is a list of abbreviations from the most commonly used shorthand for chatting.

Form Form Short Name Full Form :
1 Ask the answer to A2A
2 acc In fact
3 ACE is excellent or great
4 AFS Always Forever and Seriously
Also known as 5 AKA
6 AMA Ask me anything
7 ASAIC As soon as possible
8 As soon as possible
9 ASL Tell me your age, gender and location
10 AUO I don’t know
11 ads anyway
Before 12b4
13 bbl will return later
14 BBN B Never Back
15 BBS will be back soon
16 BBZED Babes
17 bf boyfriend
18 BFF Best Friend Forever
19 boat return on the subject
20 BRB Be back soon
21 btw by the way
After 22 sill catches
23 Do yourself a DIY
24 DM Direct Message
25 DP Display Picture
26 ETA Estimated Arrival Time
27 Frequently Asked Questions
FYI 28 for your information
29 GE Good Evening
30 GF girlfriend
31 GM Good Morning
32GN Goodnight
33 HHOJ ha ha, only a joke
34 HHOK ha ha, just kidding
35HHVF Ha, very funny
36 Hmm Thinking
37 Ib I am back
38 ICYMI case you missed
39 IHS I Hope
40 IIL I’m In Love
41 I don’t want to
42 IMO / IMHO my opinion / my humble opinion
43 J4F Just for Fun
44 J4L Just for a laugh
45 j 4 u for you
46 JFY for you
47 Like JLT
48K is good
49 KL Cool
50 LMAO Laughing My A **
51 lol come out smiling
You know more than 52 MTUK
53 Ola Ola Kalla or Ol Correct
54 OP original poster, original post
55 OSLT or something like that
56 ot Closed Topic
57 OTOH on the other hand
58 PS Post Script
59 PFA Please Find Attachment, Predictive Failure Analysis
60 PM Private Message
61 Powe Point of View
62 QA Session Question Answer Session
Laughing Smiling 63 ROFL Rolling
Laughing Smiling 64 ROTFL Rolling
65 SFLR Sorry for the late reply
66 TBA to be announced
67 TBC must be continued / certified
68 TBH to be honest
69 TIA Thank you in advance
70 TIL I learned today
71 TL; Long from DR; Cadavavaddu
72 Thanks for the TQ
73 TTYL Talk to you later
75 TYT Take your time
76 TYVM Thank you very much
77 wfm works for me
With 78 WRT
79 What is WTF?
80 wth what the hell / what the heck
81 Another meeting of Yama
82 YMMD You made my day

02 General Complete Form

In it we have gathered the most common abbreviations we encounter in our daily lives.

Form Form Short Name Full Form
1 APJ Abdul Kalam Awul Pakir Jainuldeben Abdul Kalam
2 ASAP As soon as possible
3 CFL Compact Fluorescent Lamps
4 COO Chief Operating Officer
5 DSLR Digital Single-Lens Reflex
6 DSP Deputy Superintendent of Police
7 F.O.R Freight On Road
8 IPL Indian Premier League
9 NCR National Capital Region
10 PS Postscript
11 PVC Poly Vinyl Chloride
12 RDX Research Department Explosives / Royal Demolition Explosives
13 RPM revolutions per minute
14 RSVP Repondage Wills Frustration
15 SDM Sub-Divisional Magistrate
16 SHO Station House Officer
17 SITS Special Investigation Team
18 SSB Service Selection Board
19 Visa Chart Visa, lit in Latin

03 Top Brand Full Form

In this list, we have tried to collect the most popular brands in full form.

Form Form Short Name Full Form
1 ABC American Broadcasting Company
3 Adidas founder Adolf (Adi) Dassler by name.
Adobe from Adobe Creek behind the house of co-founder John Warnock.
5 AKAI named its founder Saburo Akai.
Amazon Bezos started their company with an “A” and took the Amazon name
7 AMD Advance Micro Devices.
8 AOL American Online.
9 APC American Power Conversion
10 Apple Asia Passenger Payload Experiment.


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